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Creative Economy Conference: The Economy of Creativity Conference is that has been convened twice by The GoDown Arts Centre in collaboration with Mimeta (Norway) and The Swedish Institute. The first meeting was in 2009 and took the format of a talk show with a workshop component. >more

White Architects: The GoDown hosted a delegation of 40 from ‘White Architects’, Sweden an architectural firm in October 2010. The group is working on revamping the centre while putting into consideration the surrounding environs. A smaller group together with the GoDown facilitated a week-long workshop in March 2011 on the same project that aims to create a program and a vision plan for an urban transformation of the Industrial area as well as creating a building for The GoDown that will serve to revitalize the area.

Money And Meaning Workshop: The Money and Meaning workshop is collaboration between The GoDown Arts Centre and Nätverkstan, Sweden, and is based on experiences gained in training programmes, education and workshops run by Nätverkstan in Sweden and Sian Prime, MA at Goldsmiths University in UK. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with tools, techniques and structured reflection proven to assist creative individuals in developing their ideas, projects and businesses. >more

Sigalagala Festival: Sigalagala is a festival that recognizes the contribution of African women in arts - normally celebrated through music and visual art. The festival has attracted big names in art and music including Mbilia Bel, the celebrated Congolese maestro, Bi Kidude, a ninety-seven year old Zanzibari woman who is still a powerful performer to this day. Suzanna Owiyo, Atemi, Amani, Ogoya Nengo, Suzanne Gachukia, Valerie Kimani, Bismillahi Gargar - to name a few.Visual artists who have paticipated in Sigalagala include the celebrated Rosemary Karuga (also in her 80's) Tabitha wa Thuku, Geraldine Robarts, Mary Ogembo, Caroline Mbirua and Maggie Otieno. > more

The East African Arts Summit: The 4th East African Arts Summit took place from 22 to 26 April 2009 at the Severin Sea Lodge, Mombasa, Kenya. The conference is an initiative of the GoDown Arts Centre.

The conference brought together over 50 key players from the East Africa arts and culture sector, including artists, policy makers, and representatives from business and media. >more

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